It’s Time to Move to the Cloud

Friday, March 3, 2017/Categories: Business, Computer and Technology, Small Business, Strategic Planning

The time is now to move to the cloud, but there are 3 reasons why businesses are hesitant to make the move.  Peter Sjoberg of Hitachi Data systems explains why it's time to make the move.

So why are businesses holding back?
Reason #1: Security and Privacy
68% of businesses are concerned about cloud security and privacy, and rightly so.  But experts concur that security in the cloud is actually better than legacy systems.

Reason #2: IT Inertia
Businesses have a large amount of resources invested in legacy systems, but these must be evaluated with the future in mind.

Reason #3: I don't know where to start!
There are several ways to begin, including starting with one application, pushing legacy data to the cloud, or starting with a hybrid solution.  Any new applications should be built on cloud.

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