The Facebook Tango

Do You Like To Dance?

Facebook is constantly changing and affecting the way we market and promote our businesses.  Read on to find out how recent changes are affecting your social media presence and what you can do to remain effective.

Microsoft and Facebook Collaborate on

Social media sites have become a popular business tool, and many businesses use sites such as Facebook to increase their business. Facebook announced on April 21, 2010 their collaboration with Microsoft to launch Users will be able to create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or Powerpoint presentations right on Facebook or even upload their own documents from their computers to Facebook. Users can then share and collaborate online rather than composing, editing, saving, attaching to an email, and the reverse over and over again. The risks of using the wrong version or sending off viruses are gone. While Google has been offering Google Docs for some time now, they have received some criticism for what their applications can and can’t do. Microsoft could be hoping to move in take Google’s place. is currently limited to only accepted users because it is still only offered in the beta version. Here are some of the features that offers:

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media provides a way for businesses to increase their "word of mouth" advertising. Word of mouth has always been a powerful method of promoting products and services. Think about it - when you need a new mechanic for your car, do you trust the advertisements in the newspaper or your friend who tells you how great their mechanic is?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 / Categories: Social Media