The Facebook Tango

Do You Like To Dance?

Facebook is constantly changing and affecting the way we market and promote our businesses.  Read on to find out how recent changes are affecting your social media presence and what you can do to remain effective.

Alan’s a Small Business Owner with a Number of Items on His Daily Worry List – But Technology Isn’t One of Them.

Alan’s a Small Business Owner with a Number of Items on His Daily Worry List – But Technology Isn’t One of Them.

Your Business Requires Technology, But Technology Shouldn’t Be Your Business.

Businesses today are faced with fierce competition. Keeping your small business afloat, much less making a profit, takes your full attention. This, coupled with an increased reliance on complex technology can put undue pressure on you and your employees.


Whether you want to compose a sales presentation or proposal, keep track of inventory, or communicate with your employees and clients, you can’t do this efficiently without working computers, a properly functioning network and a reliable connection to the Internet.

And technology it isn’t always dependable. With network outages, Hard drives that crash, and computers, routers, switches, servers, printers that eventually fail, your business productivity can come to a halt.

New Windows ransomware steals passwords before encrypting files

A new ransomware is now infecting computers which not only encrypts the end user's files, but also steals passwords for anything from web sites to corporate applications in order to gain access to data.  The infection can occur from viewing an infected web site, and once it finds a vulnerable application on your computer, it silently infects the system.

As part of our data security solution at Harmony Technology Solutions, we provide both advanced firewalls that detect and block this type of malicious behavior before it reaches your PC, as well as cloud backup and data recovery solutions that allow complete restoration of files even if files are encrypted or deleted.  Add in maintenance services that ensure that all your applications are up to date, and we are able to provide a comprehensive solution that will protect you from this and all types of dangerous malware.  Call us at 217-903-2121 to get started today!

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Managed Service Providers Help You With Network Monitoring

Many small businesses rely on the networks within their organization. Can you imagine your business without the network which connects you to each of your team? Network monitoring is necessary for ensuring your network remains operational and functioning as it should in order for your business to carry out it's daily activities.

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What To Look For When Choosing An Online Data Storage Service

The days of keeping confidential business information locked in a metal filing cabinet are gone. Most businesses have most everything, from personnel files to client information and financial information, stored on their personal computers or computer network. What happens when your company runs out of storage space? Or, worse yet, what if your computer information is attacked by a virus, stolen, or damaged by a flood? Would you be able to quickly recover all of your important information and keep your company running smoothly?

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