The Facebook Tango

Do You Like To Dance?

Facebook is constantly changing and affecting the way we market and promote our businesses.  Read on to find out how recent changes are affecting your social media presence and what you can do to remain effective.

Meltdown and Spectre Update

How to protect yourself from these threats

In this article we discuss the vulnerabilities identified as Meltdown and Spectre, what devices they affect, and how to best protect yourself and your business from these threats.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 / Categories: BusinessComputer and TechnologyPersonal TechSmall Business
Alan’s a Small Business Owner with a Number of Items on His Daily Worry List – But Technology Isn’t One of Them.

Alan’s a Small Business Owner with a Number of Items on His Daily Worry List – But Technology Isn’t One of Them.

Your Business Requires Technology, But Technology Shouldn’t Be Your Business.

Businesses today are faced with fierce competition. Keeping your small business afloat, much less making a profit, takes your full attention. This, coupled with an increased reliance on complex technology can put undue pressure on you and your employees.


Whether you want to compose a sales presentation or proposal, keep track of inventory, or communicate with your employees and clients, you can’t do this efficiently without working computers, a properly functioning network and a reliable connection to the Internet.

And technology it isn’t always dependable. With network outages, Hard drives that crash, and computers, routers, switches, servers, printers that eventually fail, your business productivity can come to a halt.

Phishing - Would you fall for it?

Phishing - Would you fall for it?

Would you fall for one of these phishing emails?   Some phishing campaigns astonishingly get up to a 45% response rate.  We give 3 practical tips on how to avoid getting your identity stolen through a phishing scam.

Friday, March 17, 2017 / Categories: Identity TheftSmall BusinessWorkplace Communication

It's Time to Move to the Cloud

The time is now to move to the cloud, but there are 3 reasons why businesses are hesitant to make the move.  Peter Sjoberg of Hitachi Data systems explains why it's time to make the move.

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