Don't Miss Your Shot At A Huge Technology Tax Break!

More often than not, technology is as expensive as it is necessary.


Putting off big purchases that aren't quite make-or-break in order to stretch your IT budget just a little further might seem like a smart move, but that tradeoff doesn't always work out in the long run. But if you could make all of the investments your business needs without breaking the bank, wouldn't you?


I have some great news for you. Thanks to the Section 179 tax write off program, you can do just that.

Not sure how this works? We're offering a FREE eBook based on the highlights of our recent Section 179 webinar. It’s a great place to start.


The best thing about Section 179 is the fact that while it's labeled a technology tax break, it covers a wide range of business purchases. Check out our eBook, and give me a call at 217-903-2121 if you have any questions. I'd love to help your business take advantage of Section 179 before this year's December 31st deadline passes.